Type 55177 - Protection cap
for Safety valves type 06216, 06217

Valve protection cap made ​​of polycarbonate (PC)
Valveoutlet completely surrounded - for environmental
and personal protection against sudden blowing off
Conformable for the types 06216, 06217 (with discharge hole)

Temperature: -30°C/ -22°F (243K) bis +130°C/ +266°F (403K)

Part-No. 55177.0087.0874G
for nominal size 1/2"
Part-No. 55177.0088.0874G
for nominal size 3/4"
Part-No. 55177.0089.0874G
for nominal size 1"
Part-No. 55177.0090.0874G
for nominal size 1-1/4"
Part-No. 55177.0091.0874G
for nominal size 1-1/2"
Part-No. 55177.0092.0874G
for nominal size 2"

Type 55177 - Protection cap


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