Type 08432 - Strainer, DIN EN Flanges
Cryogenic-Strainer, PN40

Stainless steel body and cap with strainer screen mesh size 0.25 mm “cleaned and degreased for oxygen service"

Part No. 08432.X.0002

Flanged connection acc. to DIN EN 1092-1 PN40

Available options - on request only:

- other mesh sizes for strainer screen (changed flow coefficient)
- strainer screen in bronze or monel
- sintered filter in bronze or stainless steel in various porosities

Approved for air gases, vapours and cryogenic liquefied gases incl. LNG.
Working temperature: -196°C / -321°F (77K) up to +120°C / +248°F (393K)

Type 08432 - Strainer, DIN EN Flanges




1 Body 1.4308 A 351 CF8
2 Strainer screen 1.4301 A 240 Grade 304
3 Bonnet gasket PTFE
4 Bolts 1.4301/A2 A 194 B8
5 Cap 1.4301 A 276 Grade 304

Type 08432 - Strainer, DIN EN Flanges

Type 08432 - Standard designTechnical data
Nominal sizeDN15202540506580100150
Dimension code - Flange EN 1092-1 PN40.X.015002000250040005000650080010001500
Face-to-face dimensionFF140150160200230290310350550
Weightca. kg2.
Kvs-Valuem³/h4.36.79.521. request
Cv-Valuegal/min5.07.811.024.332.472.3105.0137.7on request
Dimensions in mm.

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