Type 01311 - Globe Valve
Cryogenic-Globe and Globe/Check Valves, PN50

Bronze body and topwork "live loaded" gland packing "cleaned and degreased for oxygen service"

Part No. 01311.X.0017 (H=270mm)
Part No. 01311.X.0027 (H=370mm)
Part No. 01311.X.5017 (H=270mm) Globe/Check Valve
Part No. 01311.X.5027 (H=370mm) Globe/Check Valve

Complete with stainless steel stubs acc. to DIN EN 10216-5 or ASTM A312

Available options - on request only:

- Extension H up to 900mm
- Valve with control disc (tapered design)
- Further pipe wall thicknesses

Approved for air gases, vapours and cryogenic liquefied gases incl. LNG.
Working temperature: -196°C / -321°F (77K) up to +120°C / +248°F (393K)

Type 01311 - Globe Valve




1 Body CC491K B 62 UNS C83600
2 Valve seal PTFE / Carbon filled (25%)
3 Disc CW614N B 283 UNS C38500
4 Bonnet gasket PTFE
5 Headpiece CC493K B 505 UNS C93200
6 Bolts 1.4301/A2 A 194 B8
7 Elongation tube 1.4541 A 213 TP 321
8 Stem 1.4301 A 276 Grade 304
9 Gland packing Graphite / PTFE / MICA
10 Gland nut CW614N B 283 UNS C38500
11 Handwheel Aluminium alloy
12 Spring CW452K B 159 UNS C51900
13 Stainless steel stubs 1.4306 A 312 TP304L

Type 01311 - Globe Valve

Type 01311 - Standard designTechnical data
Nominal sizeDN1010152025324050
Dimension code.X.10121017152120272533324240485060
Face-to-face dimensionFF210210235235265265290310
HeightH270mm or 370mm
Outside pipe-Ø ISO 1127RA12.017.221.326.933.742.448.360.3
Wall thickness pipe ISO 1127a1.
Outside pipe-Ø ASTM A312RA-17.1521.3426.6733.442.1648.2660.33
Wall thickness pipe ASTM A312adimensions acc. to S10 or S40
Wrench size across flatsS1 77777101010
Wrench size across flatsS2 3030303030363636
Weightca. kg1.451.552.
Dimensions in mm.