Type 08717 - Strainer
Cryogenic-Strainer, PN50 (DN65=PN45, DN150=PN40)

Stainless steel body and cap with strainer screen mesh size 0.25 mm “cleaned and degreased for oxygen service"

Part No. 08717.X.000*

* Butt weld connection for stainless steel pipes acc. to ISO 1127 or ASTM A312
Part No. 08717.X.0004
Socket weld connection for stainless steel pipes acc. to ISO 1127 or ASTM A312

Available options - on request only:

- Welded stainless steel stubs acc. to ISO 1127 or ASTM A312 - length FF + 200mm
- other mesh sizes for strainer screen (changed flow coefficient)
- strainer screen in bronze or monel
- sintered filter in bronze or stainless steel in various porosities

Approved for air gases, vapours and cryogenic liquefied gases incl. LNG.
Working temperature: -255°C / -427°F (18K) up to +120°C / +248°F (393K)

Type 08717 - Strainer




1 Body 1.4409 A 351 CF3M
2 Strainer screen 1.4404 A 276 Grade 316L
3 Bonnet gasket Graphite
4 Bolts 1.4571/A4 similar A 194 B8T
5 Cap 1.4404 A 276 Grade 316L

Type 08717 - Strainer

Type 08717 - Standard designTechnical data
Nominal sizeDN1015152025324040506580100150
Dimension code.X.101215171521202625333238404240485060657x808801140168
Face-to-face dimensionFF708585100115115130130155205245280400
Outside pipe-Ø ISO 1127RA12.017.221.326.933.738.042.448.360.376.188.9114.3168.3
Wall thickness pipe ISO 1127a1.
Outside pipe-Ø ASTM A312RA13.7217.1521.3426.6733.40-42.1648.2660.3373.0388.90114.3168.3
Wall thickness pipe ASTM A312adimensions acc. to S10 or S40
Socket depthb610101313-13131616162020
Weightca. kg0.60.750.
Dimensions in mm.

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